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Understanding Drug Recalls

Understanding Drug RecallsEvery year hundreds of drugs are discovered to have dangerous properties that can cause injuries and illness to consumers. Sometimes drugs have been improperly designed, or there was an error in the manufacturing. If drugs are harmful and dangerous, consumers must be protected with a drug recall. (more…)

Crush Injuries

Crush InjuriesAccording to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), crush injuries are the fourth leading cause of death in the workplace. A crush injury occurs when a body part is placed under significant force or pressure. It usually occurs when a body part is squeezed between two heavy objects. The weight and pressure can cause internal and external damage to the body. (more…)

Medical Malpractice: Delayed Cancer Diagnosis

Medical Malpractice Delayed Cancer DiagnosisWhen it comes to a cancer diagnosis, early treatment usually leads to the best outcome. However, sometimes an error in diagnosis by a medical professional can lead to a delayed diagnosis. The implications of a delayed cancer diagnosis can be tragic. It may result in delayed treatment or no treatment at all.

If cancer is not diagnosed as soon as possible, it can result in the cancer being spread throughout the body which will result in the need for more intense treatment. A patient’s prognosis is entirely dependent on when the cancer is diagnosed. If cancer is allowed to spread and grow to Stage 3 or Stage 4, there may be no options for the patient. (more…)

Toxic Chemical Exposure

Toxic Chemical ExposureEvery day people are exposed to hundreds of different chemicals. From household cleaners to the food we eat, chemicals are everywhere. Most of these chemicals are harmless. However, sometimes they can be toxic and dangerous. Toxic chemicals and other hazardous substances can cause significant harm to a person’s health when they enter the body. (more…)

Report Shows Teens Pick Up Bad Driving Habits from Parents

Report Shows Teens Pick Up Bad Driving Habits from ParentsTeens have a tendency to test boundaries and break the rules, but when they do so while driving there can be deadly consequences. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2016 2,433 teens between the ages of 16-19 died in motor vehicle accidents. In addition, 292,742 teens were treated in emergency rooms for injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents. This means that every day 6 teens die and hundreds more are injured. Teen drivers are nearly three times more likely to be involved in a fatal car crash than drivers over the age of 20. (more…)

Determining Lost Wages in Your Personal Injury Claim

Determining Lost Wages in a Personal Injury ClaimIf you’ve been injured as a result of someone’s negligence, you’ve most likely incurred damages that include lost wages. Any money you lost because your injury forced you to remain out of work for a period of time is considered lost wages. In addition, you may lose wages in the future if your injury was serious. Determining the amounts of these lost wages can sometimes be a complicated matter. (more…)