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Limousine Accidents

In October, 20 people were killed in a limo crash in upstate New York. They were enjoying a birthday celebration when tragedy struck, and the limousine lost control, ran through an intersection and struck a parked car. All 18 occupants of the limo and 2 pedestrians were killed. A whole host of issues were found with regard to the limousine, including an improperly licensed driver, multiple failed inspections, and a limousine that was deemed unsafe. The limousine involved in the accident had failed a recent inspection and was not supposed to be on the road. Read more

Should Trucking Companies Screen Drivers for Sleep Apnea?

In a studysponsored by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA), University of Pennsylvania researchers found that 28% of truck drivers have mild to severe sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can lead to drowsiness and fatigue which can be deadly for drivers of large trucks. Should trucking companies be screening for this condition before allowing drivers on the road? Read more

Escalator Accidents

Escalators are a convenient way to move between floors without waiting for an elevator or climbing up the stairs. But escalators are a more frequent cause of injury than people think. It is estimated that 10,000 escalator accidentsper year in the United States result in visits to the emergency room. Escalator accidents can result in significant trauma and are frequently the result of someone’s negligence. Read more