Truck Driver Fatigue Can Lead to Serious Accidents

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), driver fatigue is a significant cause of truck accidents. Driver fatigue can lead to drivers falling asleep or taking unnecessary risks and can often lead to accidents. Fatigue can be caused by trucking companies with unrealistic expectations and schedules that expect drivers to hurry despite the risks involved. Read more

School Bus Accidents

When you put your child on a school bus, you trust that they will get to school or come home safely. According to the US Government Accountability Office (GAO), from 2000-2014 there was an average of 115 fatal school bus crashes in the United States each year. School bus drivers are expected to have specialized driver training and exercise the utmost care to ensure the safety of their young passengers and other people on the street. But sometimes things go wrong, due to either the negligence of the driver, defects in the bus, or negligence on Read more

Truck Accidents and Unsecured Cargo

Heavy trucks play an essential role in transporting goods across the country, and trucking companies and drivers have a responsibility to ensure that these goods or materials are adequately secured in the truck to keep other motorists safe. Most of us have had an uneasy feeling when driving behind a heavily loaded truck. As drivers and passengers on the road, we want to trust that truck loads are safely and properly secured. But this isn’t always the case. AAA performed a study of commercial and personal vehicles that found that more than 200,000 accidents occurred over four years as the result Read more

Drunk Driving Accidents

Every day 29 people die in an accident caused by an alcohol-impaired driver. In 2016 alone, 10,497 people died as the result of an alcohol-impaired driving crash. This accounts for 28% of all traffic deaths in the United States. Drunk driving accidents are serious and can result in severe injuries or death as these crashes usually involve high speeds. Drunk driving accidents are different from regular car accidents. While the driver can be held liable for damages, there are others who may be held responsible as well. Read more