Prescription For Malpractice

A recent report by the Public Citizen analyzed data collected by the Federal Government over a nine-year period and found that over half the doctors disciplined privately by hospitals were not disciplined by their state Medical Boards. This report, which is available online, reveals that over a thousand doctors disciplined by hospitals because of incompetence, negligence, malpractice or worse were not subject to any discipline at the state level. The National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB)records all “clinical privileging actions”, or instances where hospitals restrict or revoke a doctor’s ability to practice at their institution. Violations recorded Read more

Reduce Wrongs, Not Rights

Why is it that we always hear phrases like “jackpot justice” and “lawsuit lottery”? Why is it that we hear tales of doctors leaving New York State for fear of being sued? Is there any truth to these claims? The answer, quite simply, is “NO”. Did you know that, under New York law, before a medical malpractice case can even be filed the records must be reviewed by an expert physician, who must find merit to the claims? Did you know that medical malpractice defendants win approximately two out of three cases brought to trial in New York? (fortunately, here at Read more

ERB’s PALSY – Usually Preventable, Often Permanent

Welcoming a new child into the world should be a joyous occasion for new parents. However, when the child is born with a birth injury, joy is immediately replaced with concern. Inevitably, questions arise. Why did this happen? What does the future hold for my baby? Read more

Cerebral Palsy

  Cerebral Palsy is a permanent brain injury that can cause problems controlling muscles, walking, using one’s arms and legs, or decreased mental functioning. When a child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy parents often ask “Why did this happen to my child?”. Although there are many factors that can cause cerebral palsy, one of the most prominent factors is medical negligence during the childbirth process. Read more