A Decrease in OSHA Inspectors Makes Workplaces Dangerous

Since Donald Trump took office in 2017, there has been a decline in the number of inspectors working for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Because of Trump’s efforts to slow down the growth of the federal bureaucracy, and the mass departure of civil servants across the government, increasing numbers of vacancies are remaining unfilled. The inspection force is now fewer than 1000 tasked with monitoring the safety of over 130 million American workers. While recent efforts have been made to hire a few more inspectors, greater efforts are required to keep up with the increasing need for workplace inspections. Read more

New Safety Training Requirements Aim to Reduce Construction Accidents

Many construction companies take safety very seriously. There are also many that don’t. Construction worker deaths in New York hit a 14-year high in 2016. A study put out by the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH) found that there were 71 construction worker deaths in 2016. That was up from 55 deaths in 2015. In the face of regular worker deaths and an increase in workplace injuries, New York City has decided to require safety training for all of the 185,000 plus construction workers in the city. Read more

Scaffolding Accidents in New York

  New York law requires an owner, contractor or agency to provide proper safety devices to protect workers from the dangers associated with the risks of working at heights. This is true even if the worker is not an employee of the owner, contractor, or agency. Read more

Work Injuries And Defective Products

New York law provides workers with the right to seek compensation for work-related injuries and illnesses. Although the law prohibits workers from suing their employer in this situation, it may be possible to file a personal injury claim in civil court against a third party. Frequently, these third-party claims related to work injuries result from dangerous or defective products. Read more