Job Related Accident FAQs

What exactly constitutes an on the-job-injury? Any injury that occurs while someone is working is an on the job injury. Although construction workers are injured most frequently and most seriously, we have represented office workers injured in elevator accidents, truck drivers injured unloading goods, people falling on dangerous stairs and countless others who were injured while trying to earn a living. Defective products often cause serious workplace injuries, and many injured workers do not realize that they could have a claim against the manufacturer of a defective product in addition to their worker’s compensation claim. What steps should an individual Read more

General Personal Injury FAQs

What is the first thing that a person should do when they get injured? The first thing that a person should do when they are injured on the job is to seek the necessary medical treatment, and, if appropriate, make a report to the police. Many people injured at work believe they are limited to worker’s compensation, however under many circumstances a building owner or contractor may be responsible for the condition that caused injury. Consulting with both a Worker’s Compensation and a Personal Injury Attorney to be certain your rights are fully protected. Read more

Construction Accident FAQs

What are the most common types of construction accidents? The most common types of construction accidents involve falls, including falls from scaffolds and ladders. How do scaffold accidents and ladder accidents usually occur? Scaffold and ladder accidents are usually caused by negligent construction and maintenance of a scaffold or ladder, or a failure to provide workers with protection from the hazards of working at a height. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed because of a fall from a height on a job site, talk to the attorneys at Bonina & Bonina, P.C. When a contractor Read more