Birth Injuries Caused by Failure to Diagnose

When a woman is pregnant, she trusts that her health care provider will do everything possible to keep her and the baby safe. As part of this trust, she expects that her doctor will properly diagnose and treat any complications that may arise during the pregnancy. If a doctor fails to diagnose a condition during pregnancy, delivery, or shortly after birth, it may result in life-altering birth injuries to the child. Conditions that are commonly not diagnosed include: Read more

Medical Malpractice in Post-operative Care

We’ve talked about medical errors that can occur during surgery, but what happens when health care providers fail to carefully monitor their patients after surgery? When patients are not watched closely after they have undergone surgery, there can be serious consequences. Doctors and nurses have a duty to monitor, observe, and listen to a post-operative patient to recognize signs of complications. Common post-surgical problems include: Read more

Radiology Malpractice

Radiologists are a critical part of the medical diagnostic process. Radiologists use medical imaging such as x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, and sonograms to diagnose patients and sometimes treat conditions. Because early diagnosis of some conditions can be critical to a patient’s health, errors by radiologists can be deadly. Improperly diagnosed conditions can lead to patients being left untreated or mistreated for a serious health condition. Common radiology errors include: Read more