Missed Diagnosis vs. Misdiagnosis

When you have the symptoms of an illness, you put trust in your doctor to examine you and figure out the cause of your symptoms. Unfortunately, doctors make mistakes and may not always make the correct medical decisions. When a doctor’s mistake amounts to a missed diagnosis or a misdiagnosis, it could constitute medical malpractice. While missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis sound very similar, there is a meaningful difference. Read more

New York City Hospital Safety Grades

The nonprofit Leapfrog Group recently released its Fall 2018 Hospital Safety Grades, and things did not look good for New York City hospitals. The rating system is based on entirely how safe hospitals keep their patients from injuries, accidents, infections, and errors. Leapfrog releases safety ratings twice a year, in the fall and the spring. Read more

Pediatric Malpractice

While the medical technology and care in the United States are some of the best in the world, there is still the risk that a doctor or health care provider will act negligently. Errors in medical care are scary and potentially life-altering, but when these errors harm a child, the effects can be devastating. Read more

Traumatic Childbirth Injuries

While it is an exciting and happy time, most expectant mothers don’t anticipate that labor will be easy. Some minor injuries are unavoidable and a natural part of having a baby. However, some injuries are caused or worsened when doctors or midwives make mistakes during a woman’s pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Traumatic childbirth injuries can have a serious physical and psychological impact on a mother.  Read more