Medical Malpractice: Delayed Cancer Diagnosis

When it comes to a cancer diagnosis, early treatment usually leads to the best outcome. However, sometimes an error in diagnosis by a medical professional can lead to a delayed diagnosis. The implications of a delayed cancer diagnosis can be tragic. It may result in delayed treatment or no treatment at all. If cancer is not diagnosed as soon as possible, it can result in the cancer being spread throughout the body which will result in the need for more intense treatment. A patient’s prognosis is entirely dependent on when the cancer is diagnosed. If cancer is allowed to spread and Read more

Overcrowded and Understaffed: Emergency Room Malpractice

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Americans make approximately 136.9 million emergency room visits annually. Patients arrive at emergency rooms needing medical treatment for everything from a few stitches to life-threatening conditions. When we have serious medical issues requiring immediate attention, we rely on emergency rooms to get us the help we need. By their very nature, emergency rooms can be a chaotic atmosphere. But factors like overcrowding and understaffing can lead to deadly errors. Read more

Nurse Negligence

Nurses are an integral part of patient care. Nurses are responsible for relaying important information to doctors and other medical personnel, charting a patient’s vitals and making sure that doctors’ orders are carried out. Good nursing ensures that patients receive the best possible care. Nurses are also a patient’s advocate and the first line of defense when it comes to communicating with doctors. Because they are such an important part of patient care, nursing errors can have serious consequences. Read more

Anesthesiologist Errors

When you undergo anesthesia, you are surrendering yourself to the care of the anesthesiologist and the surgeon and placing an enormous amount of trust in their hands. Anesthesia is a vital part of many medical procedures and must be handled with the utmost care and skill. Anesthesiologists are among the most highly trained members of a surgical team, but when they make mistakes the consequences can be disastrous. Read more