The Long-term Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Victims of childhood sexual abuse can experience devastating long-term consequences that require years of treatment. These effects can manifest themselves psychologically as well as physically. This is especially true for individuals who have waited a long time to come forward about their abuse and have not sought treatment. Some of the long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse can include: Read more

The Importance of the Child Victims Act “Look Back” Provision

Passage of the Child Victims Act in the New York legislature is an important victory for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. It extends the statute of limitations in child sexual abuse cases to the age of 28 in criminal cases and age 50 in civil cases. Another important part of the new law is the one-year look-back provision. This provision allows a one-time only opportunity for victims who would otherwise not be able to pursue claims against their abusers because of the statute of limitations. The look-back provision faced significant opposition from religious and civic organizations. Read more

Resources for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse

Childhood sexual abuse can leave a survivor with deep scars. The mixture of confusion, shame, anger, and depression can take decades to work through. Childhood sexual abuse is far too common, and unfortunately, many survivors never come forward. Survivors shouldn’t have to suffer alone. If you are a survivor of childhood sexual abuse whether it was at the hands of a family member, a teacher, a coach, a clergy person, or another trusted individual there are resources available to get you the help you need. Read more

What #MeToo Has Done for Child Sexual Abuse Victims

In 2017, after accusations of sexual abuse against film producer Harvey Weinsteincame to light, the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault went viral. The hashtag spread across social media and included attempts to highlight the prevalence of sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Tens of thousands of people have tweeted and published their #MeToo stories which involved every aspect of society including the entertainment industry and politicians. Read more