Laws That Motorcycle Riders Must Know

Motorcycle riders are at greater risk of serious injury than the operators of automobiles since they are directly exposed to other vehicles and the road itself. To operate a motorcycle in New York requires a Class M or MJ Operator’s License or Learner’s Permit. Read more

New Yorkers May Not Use Portable Electronic Devices While Driving

There are many types of distractions which can  occur while operating any type of motor vehicle. or something as benign as observing the weather or scenery, The consequences of these distractions can be catastrophic. The National Highway Transportation and Safety Bureau recently released a report that indicated distracted driving caused 3,450 fatalities in 2016. Read more

Wrongful Death – Know Your Rights to Get the Closure You Deserve

Losing a loved one due to someone else’s negligence is one of the most painful experiences you’ll ever go through in life. Moving on after their passing, when you are struggling emotionally and financially, can be even tougher. If your loved one’s death was caused by malpractice or negligence, you may be able to file a New York wrongful death claim. This article will address how you can seek justice through the wrongful death claim process. Read more

What to do After a Pedestrian Knockdown Accident

When you are crossing the street with the walk signal in your favor, you expect to be able to get safely to the other side. Unfortunately, pedestrians are often struck by cars as they cross in the crosswalk, which can result in devastating injuries. New Yorkers walk everywhere, and given the volume of people and cars on the streets in New York City, it is inevitable that pedestrians will be struck by vehicles and injured. Read more