Important Legislation – Please read ASAP

We are writing to alert you to an alarming legislative proposal which targets victims of medical negligence. In January Governor Andrew Cuomo created the Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) in order to make proposals to reduce the cost of the state’s Medicaid program. This “team” was made up of hospital and insurance representatives, and did not include any patient advocates or representatives of malpractice victims. Read more

Reduce Wrongs, Not Rights

Why is it that we always hear phrases like “jackpot justice” and “lawsuit lottery”? Why is it that we hear tales of doctors leaving New York State for fear of being sued? Is there any truth to these claims? The answer, quite simply, is “NO”. Did you know that, under New York law, before a medical malpractice case can even be filed the records must be reviewed by an expert physician, who must find merit to the claims? Did you know that medical malpractice defendants win approximately two out of three cases brought to trial in New York? (fortunately, here at Read more