Here They Go Again…..

Recently Michael Cardozo, the chief lawyer at New York City’s Corporation Counsel, called for a cap on pain and suffering damages in Tort lawsuits, citing the City’s need to reduce payouts on personal injury cases. Didn’t New York State’s legislature just decide this was a bad idea a few months ago when they rejected the caps which were proposed as part of Medicaid reform? Read more

Debunking Civil Justice Myths

No one would ever willingly trade good health for a good lawsuit. In the nearly 50 years that our family has been representing injured plaintiffs we have seen the horrendous ways a serious injury can change a life and forever impact a family. That is why we have fought big business’ attempts Read more

Premises Liability FAQs

What is premises liability? Premises liability refers to the liability of a landowner for a dangerous condition on their land. Premises liability covers a large variety of types of accidents including: defective stairs, uneven pavement, elevator accidents, rape or assault due to inadequate security, falls on debris, ceiling collapses, failure to have hand rails on stairways, uncovered floor openings and other potentially negligent conditions. Should you report the injury to the property owner? Yes, however you should not give any written or recorded statements without having an attorney present to protect your legal rights. What do you need to prove Read more

Job Related Accident FAQs

What exactly constitutes an on the-job-injury? Any injury that occurs while someone is working is an on the job injury. Although construction workers are injured most frequently and most seriously, we have represented office workers injured in elevator accidents, truck drivers injured unloading goods, people falling on dangerous stairs and countless others who were injured while trying to earn a living. Defective products often cause serious workplace injuries, and many injured workers do not realize that they could have a claim against the manufacturer of a defective product in addition to their worker’s compensation claim. What steps should an individual Read more