Toxic Chemical Exposure

Every day people are exposed to hundreds of different chemicals. From household cleaners to the food we eat, chemicals are everywhere. Most of these chemicals are harmless. However, sometimes they can be toxic and dangerous. Toxic chemicals and other hazardous substances can cause significant harm to a person’s health when they enter the body. Read more

Negligent Security

Property and business owners have a responsibility to make sure that their properties are reasonably free from known hazards. This includes providing adequate security to prevent people lawfully entering the property from becoming crime victims. When property owners make decisions that prioritize making money over keeping the public safe, they should be held accountable for their actions. If an owner fails to take adequate security measures and it results in injury or even death, the owner may be held responsible in a premises liability claim. Read more

Accidents in Hotels

New York City is a popular destination for vacations and business trips. In 2017, the city hit a record number of tourists with 62.8 million visitors. Most of these visitors stay in hotels in or near the city. We expect that the hotels we stay in are a safe environment to spend the night or a convenient place to hold a conference, meeting, or special event. However, just like any other type of property, accidents happen, and the consequences can be severe. Read more

Apartment Fires: Who is Responsible?

Apartment fires can be devastating. Not only can you lose all of your possessions, but you can also sustain severe and life-altering burn injuries. The law generally holds the person responsible for causing the fire liable for any injuries or property damages. Parties who may be potentially liable include: Read more