When is a Business Liable for a Slip and Fall?

Slip and fall is a term used to describe a situation where someone is injured on another person’s property. This is also known as premises liability. Slip and falls can happen anywhere, but they often occur on somebody’s business premises. Situations such as torn carpeting, spilled substances, and broken fixtures can all lead to severe injuries. If someone is injured at a business, when can the business be held liable? Read more

Slip and Falls Caused by Snow and Ice

Now that winter is here, the temperature has dropped, and snow has begun to fall. In the winter slip and falls on snow and ice are common in New York City. While it can be embarrassing to slip on an icy curb or sidewalk, it can also cause serious injuries. Read more

Gas Explosions

In June, 3 utility workers were injured after a gas leak caused an explosion and fire in Brooklyn. In September, a faulty plan to replace gas pipes led to multiple explosions and fires near Boston, killing one person, injuring 20, and leaving others without homes. Gas explosions are usually preventable and can cause serious and devastating injuries. Read more

Dangerous Parking Lots and Garages

Parking lots and garages are hubs of vehicle and pedestrian activity. They are also among the most dangerous areas in the city. Severe injury and significant property damage can occur when drivers and parking lot owners are negligent. Read more