Waterpark Liability

Waterpark Liability Summer is upon us, and popular area waterparks are open for business. Many families enjoy floating down the lazy river, experiencing the thrilling rides, and soaking up the sun. But every summer people are seriously injured in waterparks. We trust waterpark owners to keep their premises reasonably safe, but that is not always the case. Earlier this year, authorities charged a Kansas water parker owner in connection with the death of a 10-year old boy who died while using a water slide. Most owners won’t be held criminally liable for injuries at Read more

Premises Liability: Sidewalk Safety

Falls on New York City sidewalks are a common trip and fall injury. Falling on a sidewalk can sometimes cause serious and permanent injuries. That’s why sidewalk falls are one of the most common bases for negligence lawsuits. Read more

Premises Liability: Drowning Accidents

Swimming pools are ripe for accidents, and it becomes the responsibility of the property owner to keep their pool reasonably safe. Whether it’s the City of New York, an apartment complex, a hotel, health club, waterpark, or a private homeowner, swimming pool owners have a duty to the public. When this duty is breached, there can be deadly consequences. Read more

Lead Paint: Know Your Rights, Protect Your Child

America is supposed to be the land of equal opportunity, but here in New York many children’s opportunities are being stripped away by a poison hidden in the walls of their homes: lead paint. Lead poisoning can cause brain damage, behavioral problems, and decreased intelligence. Read more