Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos causes an estimated 255,000 deaths annually. Many of these deaths are preventable, and yet the United States has still failed to ban this dangerous substance. While asbestos is not currently mined in the United States and most companies have largely stopped using it, it is imported from other countries and is still present in homes and buildings. Read more

How a Recall Can Affect a Product Liability Claim

Product liability lawsuits arise when a dangerous or defective product injures someone. These claims are usually based on the idea that a product was designed defectively, manufactured defectively, or failed to come with adequate warnings of the risks involved in using the product. When it is discovered that a product is defective in some way and is likely to cause harm to a consumer, there may be a product recall. Read more

Defective Car Seats

New York law requires that your child is placed in a car seat or safety seat depending on their age and weight. Car seats save lives. Car seat use reduces the risk of death for young children by up to 71%.  But what happens if the car seat either fails or causes injury to your child? Car seat manufacturers have a responsibility to produce safe and effective car seats, and if they fail to do so, they may be liable in a product liability claim. Read more

Expert Witnesses in a Product Liability Case

Establishing fault in a product liability case is a complicated matter. You must prove that a manufacturer, seller, or distributor was negligent in the manufacturing and/or selling of a defective product. This can involve documentation, tests, and analysis. It is important that an expert witness be retained early in a case to help direct any investigations and testing, point out sources of information, and help an attorney develop a theory of a case. A good expert witness can help make or break a product liability case. Read more