What are Punitive Damages?

When someone is sued for negligence, the goal of the lawsuit is to provide compensation to injured individuals who have been harmed by the unlawful conduct of someone else. The point of a verdict or settlement in a negligence lawsuit is to make the injured person whole again, not necessarily to punish the wrongdoer. There are times, however, when conduct is so egregious that it is appropriate to punish the negligent party. Read more

Boating Accidents

Late summer and early fall are great times to be on a boat, enjoying the outdoors. The benefits of water recreation, however, sometimes come with a cost. Recreational boating accidents can lead to serious injury, drowning, and death more often than people realize.  According to the New York State Parks Department, there were 22 boating accident fatalities in 2016 alone. As the waterways get more crowded, it’s more important than ever to practice boat safety. Read more

Dental Malpractice

Just like other health care providers, dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants can be liable for malpractice. These dental professionals have a duty of care to their patients. They must exercise the same care that a reasonably prudent dental professional with similar training would have done under the circumstances. Dental malpractice can cause serious injury to a patient. Examples of dental malpractice include: Read more

New York Dog Bite Law

More than 48% of households in the United States own at least one dog. Dogs make great companions, but sometimes man’s best friend can be dangerous. Dog bites are more common than you think. In New York City, 2,009 dog bites were reported to the NYC Health Department in 2014 alone. Dogs are animals, and they have animal instincts. This means that in certain scenarios they can lash out and attack someone which can lead to serious injuries. Read more