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Horace Mann Survivors Could Have Second Chance at Justice

Horace Mann Survivors Court Have Second Chance at Justice

Horace Mann, an elite private school in the Bronx, was rocked by multiple reports of child sexual abuse and a coverup after an article was published in the New York Times Magazine.  The abuse spanned decades beginning in the 1960s. It was found that a number of serial sexual abusers had been employed by the school and that the school failed to address reports of the abuse properly. It was reported that at least 60 students were abused by 22 school employees.  (more…)

Catholic Church/Boy Scouts of America Oppose Child Victims Act

Catholic Church Boy Scouts of America Oppose Child Victims Act

The Child Victims Act serves as recognition that the prior statute of limitations in childhood sexual abuse cases helps abusers avoid accountability. It is not surprising then that institutions such as the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America oppose at least portions of the bill. These institutions have faced serious accusations that they were aware of rampant abuse at the hands of their members and employees and failed to do enough to protect survivors. (more…)

What the Child Victims Act Means for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

What the Child Victims Act Means for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

For survivors of childhood sexual abuse, the long-term effects can be devastating. The mental and emotional scars can last a lifetime. Holding sexual abusers accountable for their actions can bring some closure to survivors and compensation in a civil lawsuit can help victims cover the costs of treatment and counseling that may allow them to move forward in their lives.


Victims of Child Sexual Abuse Don’t Come Forward

Victims of Child Sexual Abuse Don't Come Forward

The passage of the Child Victims Act has put the plight of childhood sexual abuse victims in the forefront of many New Yorkers’ minds. The Act extends the statute of limitations for childhood sexual abuse survivors to seek justice against their attackers, which is very important given the fact that many survivors don’t come forward with stories of their abuse until it is too late. According to theNational Center for Victims of Crime, it is difficult to determine the prevalence of childhood sexual abuse because it often goes unreported. However, it is estimated that 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys have been the victim of sexual abuse. Some children do report their abuse, but many do not, and there are a number of factors that contribute to why survivors wait to come forward. (more…)

Child Victims Act Allows Survivors to Seek Justice

Child Victims Act Allows Survivors to Seek JusticeToday New York passed the Child Victims Act, which makes important changes to the law in order to allow the victims of childhood sexual abuse the opportunity to sue their attackers and the institutions that allowed the abuse to take place.  (more…)