Do Car Safety Features Really Save Lives?

The latest innovations in new cars involve high-tech safety features. There is some concern that all of this technology, with multiple audible and visual warning systems, can be just as distracting as using a cell phone. While there are still kinks in some of these systems and improvements should be made, it is clear that these newer features can have some impact on driver safety. Read more

Nursing Home Abuse

The decision to put a loved one in a nursing home is a tough one. We trust that our family member will be given the care and compassion that they deserve. Unfortunately, however, sometimes there are signs that a loved one is being abused or neglected by the very people who are responsible for his or her daily needs. This past October, three Long Island nursing home employees were criminally convicted after they neglected an elderly resident, resulting in his death. In September, a nursing home owner in Ostego County pled guilty to endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically Read more

Can You Sue a Hospital for Medical Malpractice?

Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States. Many of these medical errors occur in hospitals. If you’ve been injured by medical negligence, you know that you can seek legal recourse against a doctor who failed to meet the standard of care. In some instances, however, a hospital may be held liable for malpractice. Read more

The Effect of Regulation Rollbacks and Under-enforcement in Long Term Care Facilities

Between September 26, 2018, and November 12, 2018, 11 children died at the Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in New Jersey. The children died of the adenovirus infection, but it is possible that their deaths could have been prevented. Staff members of the facility expressed concern about understaffing and delays in obtaining medical care for the children. In addition, the facility had received multiple citations for failures in infection control. Read more