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Most Frequently Misdiagnosed Cancers: Lung Cancer

Health care providers may commit medical malpractice by misdiagnosing, failing to diagnose, or delaying the diagnosis of an illness. Misdiagnosis may occur because of the provider’s failure to ask certain, vital questions or to recognize the necessity for further testing or examination, including the referral to a specialist. This can cause an illness to worsen, thus reducing or even eliminating a patient’s chance for complete recovery, even survival. If a condition spreads without necessary treatment, the chance for a cure diminishes and the risk of significant harm increases.


Most Recent Product Recalls Spring 2018

Most Recent Product Recalls Spring 2018In our 50 plus years of representing injured New Yorkers, we have recovered for consumers injured by defective products in diverse fields and industries, including cases involving defective auto lifts, printing presses, office furniture, meat grinders,  and recycling equipment. Andrea Bonina, the partner in charge of all product liability cases, has lectured throughout New York State on product liability and has been selected to SuperLawyers for Plaintiff’s Product Liability for eleven consecutive years.


Safely Using Car Seats For Children

Keeping children safe when they are in motor vehicles is of paramount concern to parents. When transporting younger children typically car seats and booster seats are needed. Here are some tips for safely using car seats for children.


Work Injuries And Defective Products

Work Injuries And Defective ProductsNew York law provides workers with the right to seek compensation for work-related injuries and illnesses. Although the law prohibits workers from suing their employer in this situation, it may be possible to file a personal injury claim in civil court against a third party. Frequently, these third-party claims related to work injuries result from dangerous or defective products.


Recovering For Slip And Fall Accidents

Recovering For Slip And Fall AccidentsAll individuals and business entities that own and control property have a duty to make their premises safe. Nonetheless, accidents still happen, including “slip and fall” incidents which occur when an individual slips, trips or falls because of a hazardous condition. Slip and fall cases are based on principles of negligence and allow victims to recover damage for personal injuries. Bonina and Bonina, P.C. has represented victims of slip and fall accidents for 50 years.


Cell Phone Batteries Can Be Dangerous

Cell Phone Batteries Can Be DangerousAny energy storage device carries a risk. With millions of people using cell phones powered by lithium-based batteries, it’s no surprise that injuries caused by defective cell phone batteries are becoming more common.