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Were You Injured at the Gym?

Were You Injured at the Gym?For many people, membership in a gym or health club is an important part of staying fit and healthy. While we go to the gym to get in shape, unfortunately, we can also get injured. Gyms can be a dangerous place, and people can sustain injuries ranging from bumps and bruises to fractures and even life-threatening injuries. Injuries can occur in a number of different contexts in a gym environment from unsafe premises to negligent staff. (more…)

Ferry Accidents

Ferry AccidentsThousands of New Yorkers take a ferry as part of their daily commute. Nearly 3 million people rode a ferry in 2017 alone. With multiple ferry lines in New York City connecting the five boroughs, ferries are seen as a relatively safe and reliable form of transportation. But accidents do happen and there is great potential for serious injury. Unlike car and small boat accidents, there is greater potential for injury in a ferry accident because ferries are large and typically carry hundreds of passengers. There is an increased likelihood of severe injuries and even death in a ferry boat crash or other incident. An impact can send passengers overboard or into objects or other passengers. (more…)

Dangerous and Defective Roadways

Dangerous and Defective RoadwaysMost motor vehicle accidents are caused by the neglect of a driver. But sometimes accidents can result from a defective or poorly maintained roadway.  Defective road conditions can cause serious and deadly accidents. In New York, the state, county, city, or town that owns the roadway is responsible for properly maintaining it and keeping it safe and free from dangerous conditions or defects.  In New York City, defective roadways have resulted in millions of dollars in paid out damage settlements. (more…)

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle AccidentAccording to the New York State Department of Health, an average of 1,600 New Yorkers are treated in a hospital as a result of motorcycle crashes every year. Being in a motorcycle accident can cause devastating, life-threatening injuries. Riding a motorcycle in New York City is especially dangerous given the congested roadways and aggressive drivers. (more…)

Is Your Child Safe at Daycare?

Is your child safe at daycareWhen looking for good childcare, you try to find a place where your child can play and learn in a stimulating and nurturing environment. Most importantly, however, you want a place where your child will be safe. Daycare providers have a responsibility to take the necessary steps to protect your child’s safety and welfare. But some providers don’t take this responsibility seriously, and the consequences can be devastating. (more…)