Preventing Premature Birth

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Premature birth refers to babies born before 37 weeks. In the United States, 1 in 10 babies are born prematurely, equaling to over 380,000 premature births each year. By knowing both the complications and preventive measures you can take to reduce your risk of a premature birth, you can protect your baby’s health.

Complications of a Brooklyn Premature Birth

Many complications can arise from premature birth. These complications can include Cerebral Palsy, brain bleeds, vision problems, respiratory distress syndrome and other devastating health issues.

In recognition of World Prematurity Day and Prematurity Awareness Month, we wanted to focus on the ways prematurity can be avoided through proper medical care and attention.

Some premature births can be prevented with dietary and lifestyle changes. As soon as you become pregnant, schedule an appointment with your doctor to address any concerns you have. Taking a daily prenatal vitamin will help your body support your growing baby, and refrain from using alcohol, drugs or smoking (studies have demonstrated a link between cigarette smoking and premature labor) during your pregnancy.

If you are in pre-term labor, or at risk for premature delivery, your doctor can take steps to try to keep you pregnant longer and delay delivery, which will increase the chances for a healthy birth. These steps include:

  • Medications to address pre-term labor, including steroids to develop the baby’s lungs more quickly and medications to slow or stop labor if you are healthy enough to take them.
  • Progesterone, a hormonal treatment that can prevent premature birth for some women.
  • Cerclage, which is a medical procedure where your doctor puts a stitch in your cervix which can help keep your cervix closed and prolong your pregnancy past the point of prematurity.
  • Bed rest. Bed rest may mean that your doctor wants you to rest a few times a day or that you need to stay in bed all day.

If a doctor fails to recognize the signs of premature labor, or fails to treat premature labor appropriately, the chance to take steps to prolong the pregnancy can be lost. When this occurs and the baby is injured, it can be malpractice.

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