Nursing Home Neglect: Is Your Loved One At Risk?

The recent indictment in Nassau County and conviction in Ulster County of nursing home workers make it clear that neglect and abuse in nursing homes is a very serious problem.  When a nursing home patient receives substandard care, it can have devastating results for these patients, many of whom are made more vulnerable by conditions like dementia. Some warning signs that a loved one may be at risk for elder abuse or neglect include: Read more

Protecting the Elderly

Making long term care choices for loved ones that require 24 hour care is extremely difficult.  When facing the prospect of putting a parent or loved one into a nursing home, taking steps to insure that that their rights are respected and that they get the care they deserve is a top priority. There are New York State and Federal Laws to protect nursing home residents.  Unfortunately, despite these statutes, many elderly people are neglected, and even abused, in nursing homes.  Knowing what warning signs to look for can help protect your loved one. Read more

Reduce Wrongs, Not Rights

Why is it that we always hear phrases like “jackpot justice” and “lawsuit lottery”? Why is it that we hear tales of doctors leaving New York State for fear of being sued? Is there any truth to these claims? The answer, quite simply, is “NO”. Did you know that, under New York law, before a medical malpractice case can even be filed the records must be reviewed by an expert physician, who must find merit to the claims? Did you know that medical malpractice defendants win approximately two out of three cases brought to trial in New York? (fortunately, here at Read more

Diabetic Foot Care

  Diabetes is a disease in which glucose levels in the body are disturbed. If not kept under control it can result in several medical conditions including atherosclerosis, the buildup of plaque deposits in the blood vessels. This can progress to a partial or complete blockage of blood vessels. The most common side effect of atherosclerosis in diabetics is peripheral vascular disease. Peripheral Vascular Disease is a reduction in blood flow to the lower extremities caused by blockage in the arteries. It usually affects the lower extremities, because they are the farthest from the heart. Symptoms include pain in the calves Read more